Knee joint preservation – Why and How?

  What is Knee Joint Preservation? Knee joint preservation  is all about keeping the knee working well without needing a replacement. This involves different ways to care for the knee joint, helping doctors fix knee problems while keeping the knee’s natural parts. It is mainly used for people with damage to the knee’s cartilage. Cartilage injury can lead to arthritis and often causes knee pain. The severity of knee problems can be different for each person. Injuries or normal aging can damage the cartilage, causing pain, stiffness, and trouble moving. Since cartilage doesn’t heal on its own, doctors often need to repair it surgically. Fixing the cartilage can reduce pain, improve how the knee works, and sometimes prevent arthritis from developing. Knee joint preservation vs. replacement Knee Joint Preservation: Indications for Knee Joint Preservation – Damage to articular cartilage – Early stages of arthritis – Traumatic injuries with repairable cartilage – Pain, stiffness, or limited

Knee preservation surgery cost in Delhi and Noida

Hey everyone! Today, we’re talking about Knee Preservation Surgery. It’s all about keeping our knees healthy and happy. We know taking care of our knees is super important, but sometimes, the cost can be a big worry. Let’s explore   Knee preservation surgery cost   in Delhi and Noida! Overview of Knee Preserving Surgery Knee preserving surgery is a common procedure done to help with early osteoarthritis. It includes different types of surgeries around the knee joint. This surgery can delay or even avoid the need for total knee replacement. Dr. Vaibhav Jain is a knee preservation surgeon in Delhi and Noida. He says there are ways to avoid  knee replacement surgery , like high tibial osteotomies. Dr. Vaibhav Jain mentions alternatives to knee replacement in Delhi and Noida. Not everyone needs knee replacement. Many people with knee arthritis can be treated with medicines, physiotherapy, and injections, without surgery. Treatment for knee pain without surgery includes medicine, losing wei

Knee Preservation Surgery in Delhi and Noida – Dr. Vaibhav Jain

Hey there! I know how tough dealing with knee pain can be, so I’m here to chat with you about something that could make a big difference:   Knee preservation surgery  in Delhi . Let’s dive into what it is, who it’s for, and how it could help you get back to moving comfortably! What’s Knee Preservation Surgery? It’s a special kind of surgery that helps keep your knees working smoothly. Instead of replacing your whole knee with fake parts like in  knee replacement surgery , this one focuses on saving as much of your natural knee as possible. Pretty cool, right? Understanding Knee Preservation Surgery There are a few types of knee preservation surgery, each designed to fix different knee problems: Osteotomy:  This one’s about straightening out the bones around your knee to ease pressure and spread weight more evenly. Meniscus Repair:  Fixing up or trimming damaged bits of the meniscus, a cushiony part in your knee, to make it stronger and work better. Cartilage Restoration:  Using fancy t